Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crisps Crisps

I don't mind getting my hands messy eating chicken. I love chicken but always end up in a miserable sense of guilt. Especially fried chicken, stuff KFC offered. But my brother took me to this new eating place at Rasuna Epicentrum. It's called 4FINGERS. I assume chicken has four fingers, no?

We felt pretty weird because when we arrived, it was empty. The location was pretty secluded so people easily missed it. But their effort to bring the New York subway scene work well. It's designed like a fast food restaurant. I was starving so I thought ordering Chicken Burger might be a good idea, while my brother ordered the signature crispy fried chicken.

I love the chicken, it's a good change from the old fashioned crispy KFC styled chicken. We ordered them in sweet soy garlic sauce, you can order them spicy hot if you fancy hot wings. It's crispy yes but the soy garlic sauce didn't absorb into the chicken. But I wasn't very pleased with my burger. I don't think burgers and chicken go too well. It's very hard to eat, I ended up eating the chicken and the bread separately. The lettuce and tomato cuts were just too cold. It wasn't good. I hated it. But do try the french fries because it's unlike the usual fries and salt type. They sprinkled what I think was dried chilli and spices making them flavorful and hot at the same time.You don't have to dip them into ketchup or chilli sauce.

They also serve seafood dish and chicken wrap.

Overall, I won't go there any time soon. My tongue still enjoys the old fashioned American guilty pleasure. But it's good to have a breakthrough idea like this Korean styled chicken. Click on gimme4fingers to find out more. Their website is awesome.



Fellexandro Ruby said...

Agree! It was almost like the spices and the flavor was skin deep. Nothing goes thru to the meat. Which is disappointing. Have you tried Kamikaze at GI ? I like 'em better. Especially if you enjoy hotwings. =)

hana talita said...

where in GI? not really into hotwings but i guess it's one more dish to try. thanks so much!

Fellexandro Ruby said...

Its at level 3A. Give it a try. I have a feeling you gonna like it. =p