Monday, April 25, 2011

Nasi Ajam Brijani with baby potatoes

I have always wondered what Kopitiam means and why there is so many kopitiam. But I think they serve the same thing: a Chinese inspired coffee house, with additional food menu. I recently visited Kopitiam Oey, founded by the famous Pak Bondan Winarno.

It was the worst of days, it was raining. But as soon as I walk into the place, again I felt I was somewhere else. A Chinese coffee house. Well, I can't say I have been in a coffee house in China but I sure think like that. I was empty, the only other table was busy having a meeting or something. I remember the menu was written in edjaan lama. So, in respect of the menu, I ordered Nasi Ajam Brijani. I love trying exotic rice like brijani.

But I think my expectation was a little too high. It was good, but not great. Or I have the wrong idea about how savory brijani rice is. I was hoping for a flavorful, umami taste but it was almost bland and unsatisfying. But I have to praise the chicken and baby potatoes which helped the rice brings out its taste. Oh, and the raisins bother me. But I guess that's the beauty of it.

Spaghetti Toena Pedas

I also tried Spaghetti Toena Pedas. I love pasta more than I like bread but never like this. We are familiar with the cream sauce or the bolognese sauce. This one is hot and spicy, for you capsaicin junkie. I do want to point out that it is just a little bit dry for my tongue. A little more oil might do the trick. I thought I was having acid reflux because of it.

But a coffee house must be famous for its coffee. But let me say to you, they serve a very strong coffee. If you people, like me, can't handle much coffee and can only digest sugar infused coffee like from Starbucks, their coffee might not be for you. Trust me.

Price: 40k-60k
Tebet Raya No. 141

PS: *out of context* the real kopitiam intrepretation of 'teh' is milk tea. That's why I never ordered tea in Singapore or Malaysia. Teh is unsweetened tea, not milk tea, come on!


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