Thursday, February 2, 2012

Second Visit

Years ago, I have been to Nanny's Pavillon before in Bandung, which was quite memorable. I remember they had a pretty good pasta and a well cooked waffle, plus the fruit punch was great. A wee ago though, I had the opportunity to try this place again, this time in Pacific Place Jakarta. While the one in Bandung had the theme of 'Garden', the one in Pacific Place coined the theme 'bathroom', the least place to think when you're eating. I was sitting on the outer side of the restaurant so I can't really feel the bathroom theme, aside from stack of towels and bath scrub
on a shelf above my table.

They offer several varieties of pasta, baked rice and Western dishes. I opted for pasta since it's on of my favorite. I was beginning to grow bored of the usual cream or red sauce pasta so I spotted the aglio olio variety, pasta tossed in garlic, oil and chili powder, with mushrooms, no meat. I am not big on spicy food so I thought I was going to take a huge chance ordering the dish.

I found it quite nice and bearable, though I thought the mushrooms were too massive but I guess it's part of its beauty. It was very nice indeed. I'd order it again next time though not in the near future. It was good but not really extraordinary, considering the price it isn't cheap for a casual meal with college girl's pocket money. (what was it 40k-ish?) But it was a great place to hang out, but can be very busy during certain hours.


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