Thursday, February 2, 2012


My campus has this huge brand new library. At first I was amazed by how massive the building is. Not only it is a great place to study or research, it's a great place to hang out or kill time as well. It is becoming this 'watering hole' because it's in the center of the campus complex and one of its side overlooks the lake. It's quite nice, I might add, coffee shops and canteens, travel agency and a book shop. But I was there once to try the Korean Restaurant. I think it's run by Koreans who live and work in Depok and you can see from the guests at the place that it's like for the community of Koreans to meet and have a good meal.

I ordered Kimchi Chigae with rice, which is basically kimchi stew with tofu and onions. (30k-ish) There was also some meat in it but I guess it wasn't the main part of the dish, considering the lack of meat in it. It was red, so I geared up with my water and tissues. As expected, of course, it was spicy but so good! The kind of food that you know it's spicy yet you can't have enough of it! It wasn't very intense as eating plain kimchi. It was good actually! I might just drop by some other time.

Well I am planning to come back because I really want to try the kimbap and ddeokbokki ;)

Oh, did I mention the restaurant connects to a very good Kafe Korea, which serves drinks like green tea latte (my favorite!) and all sorts of tea and coffee drinks. The secret is if you go to the second floor you'll find some board games they put on the table to kill time. I was never gonna leave that place.


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